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Split Systems

Split systems and multi split systems in cooling only and heat pumps. Single outdoor units connected to one or more indoor units by interconnecting insulated refrigeration quality copper tubing and wiring.

Capacity 2.2Kw to 28Kw

Here are some photos of installed units - just click on them to increase size.

Wall mounted        Split indoor wall 1.jpg (162445 bytes)Split indoor wall.jpg (60486 bytes)Split wall hair dress.jpg (171366 bytes)

Ceiling mounted    Split indoor ceiling.jpg (173624 bytes)Split indoor ceiling 1.jpg (61060 bytes)

Floor mounted       Floor WC.jpg (153034 bytes)

Cassette type        cassette 1.jpg (157579 bytes)cassette with pump exposed.jpg (154349 bytes)

Condensing Units

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CHES (UK) Ltd ~ City Air Conditioning and Wine Cellar Cooling
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