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  John Feltham has for the last fifteen years been converting and turning those dark and underused spaces of our homes into Aladdinís Caves for the wine connoisseur. Across London, broom cupboards, closets, crannies under staircases, coal cellars and all those other dark otherwise useless spaces have been reclaimed and converted into valuable and attractive additions to customers homes.

We all have a picture of a wine cellar; barrel vaulted and cobwebbed under a French chateaux, but how many of us living in London can copy those Hollywood sets.  What John and company  - Wine Cellar Cooling can do is recreate the conditions that are perfect for the storage of your wine.

John said, there can be no doubting the benefits of storing even the humblest of wines. The most unassuming bottle can benefit from at least a couple of months saved in the right conditions to recover from the shock of shipping. Wine is an evolving, almost living thing, similar to us all in that it suffers from the stresses of modern life. It too, reaps enormous benefits from spending some quality time in perfect surroundings. Correct storage of wine is essential to bring out its subtle characteristics. This is especially true for the finer vintages that only truly realize their full value after the most careful stewardship

Modern wine cellar coolers allow you to provide the perfect atmosphere to enable your wine to truly achieve its full potential. Economic and easy to run, they ensure the optimum temperature is maintained for the maturing of a fine wine.

Wine Cellar Cooling is the leader in its field, with links to some of Londonís most respected wine merchants. It is helping ensure you enjoy every bottle. Customers across London, from Mayfair, Notting Hill, Kensington, Islington, Maida Vale and up as far as Oxford are now raising a glass secure in the knowledge that the rest of their treasure is safe.

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CHES (UK) Ltd ~ City Air Conditioning and Wine Cellar Cooling
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Last modified: July 17, 2008