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All in One Wall Unit

Air conditioning without external condensers.

CHES UK introduces the revolutionary all in one range. Italian design and innovative technology ensure the all in one will be the future room air conditioner.

Specially designed for the bedroom and  hotel industry and costing far less than conventional air conditioning systems, this unit provides cooling and heating with low noise levels. An immediate improvement to guest facilities and potential room rates.

These units are easy to install with no special skills required. Its compact size fits neatly "on its own" under most windows and does not require a separate outdoor unit, unlike ordinary air conditioners.

The competitive price of this unit makes air conditioning affordable with the extra advantage that it can be installed one room at a time without need for major refurbishment. This allows additional units to be added to suit your budget and occupancy levels.

An elegant, self-contained unit requiring just two vents through an external wall, the all in one provides an effective and efficient air conditioning solution without the need for external condensers and pipe work usually associated with installed systems.

It can be installed quickly and easily from inside the room at low or high level. The patented folding grilles can eliminate the need to gain access to the outside of the building.

As the two discreet grilles that cover the vents are the only external evidence of air conditioning, visual integrity of the building is maintained. This is of particular benefit where planning permission is a consideration.

Power requirements are only a standard 13 Amp 240 Volts electrical supply.

When the all in one operates in cooling only mode, condensate is removed through water evaporation on the condenser therefore a drainage pipe is unnecessary.

When working in heat pump mode, condensate removal is through a drainage pipe.


Optional Fitting Charge from                                                                                                          

The 2.3Kw floor Standing Unit - Size WxHxD = 700x600x275                                

The 3.05Kw High or Low Wall mounted unit - Size WxHxD = 870x400x280            

Top or bottom air discharge                                                                       

Just two 155mm dia holes to drill


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CHES (UK) Ltd ~ City Air Conditioning and Wine Cellar Cooling
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Last modified: July 17, 2008