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                Wine Cellar Coolers 

Are you thinking about the hot summer and your fine wine in the cellar? will the temperature in your cellar swing from 12'C to 20'C-25'C during the day and change again at night? We all know this will harm your wine. Look after your fine wine with a system that will heat and cool depending on the weather. Keep your wine at a CONSTANT TEMPERATURE. We use the best electronic digital control and display thermostat to maintain a temperature within +/- 1'C

Are you thinking about converting a room or building a Wine Cellar? Call us for FREE advice and help!

Wine cellar coolers come in three types: - Split System, Packaged "through the wall type" and Water Cooled type "for those hard to get to areas that you can't get rid of the heat to outside" all will heat and cool your purpose built cellar in any location with 240 volts power.

Recommended by London Wine Merchant of The Year 1998 - 2003

Split System indoor        cellar cooler with htr.jpg (70493 bytes)

460W x 670H x 200D

Split System outdoor      Cellar Condensor hidden.jpg (57902 bytes)

Outdoor Cover Size 480Lx295Hx395W - Made from Aluminium and lined with acoustic foam.

Outdoor Enclosure         Condensing Unit Fibaglass.jpg (63584 bytes)


Sound Proof Box - designed by us for outside quiet area's where the specification is noise free. The size is 995Lx295Hx395W

Made from Aluminium and lined with a high performance acoustic foam and fitted with a removable top for servicing.

This Sound Proof Box can be painted in most colours if required. Air intake and exit are covered by a wire mesh to keep animals out.


Packaged type                Cellar window unit.jpg (153996 bytes)Cellar window outside.jpg (76999 bytes)

457W x 349H x 548D

Water Cooled type         

Wine Racks made to order in any size and a choice of finishes from 0.95p per hole.

Depth of Rack:
Standard Size-230mm
Double Depth Size-533mm
Half Bottle Size-230mm
Magnum/Two Litre Size-230mm
Magnum/Two Litre Size-533mm
Colour of Wood:
Natural Pine
Dark Oak Stain
Mahogany Stain
Black Stain

Don't expect a portable/mobile air conditioner to maintain a constant temperature

The practical - secure storage for cased, binned and racked wine.

Who can convert you coal cellar into a wine cellar.

Upright Wine Cabinets - Holds 98 off 75cl bottles @ 2'C to 10'C

See what they are writing in London about wine cellar coolers

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CHES (UK) Ltd ~ City Air Conditioning and Wine Cellar Cooling
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